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“There is the mud, and there is the lotus that grows out of the mud. We need the mud in order to make the lotus.”



Food Preparation Support and Tips

Weight Loss and Maintenance Tips

Emotional Support

Access To Monthly Workshops

Community of Accountability 

Original Recipes

Exclusive Discounts On Products and Services

Join Food Preparation Challenges For FREE

FREE 30 Minute Consultation Each Month

Exclusive Discount on Master Class

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Food Preparation

Despite the stereotype, the Raw Vegan Journey is more than celery sticks and carrots. It's meals and desserts that are as mouthwatering and scrumptious as they are satisfying and healthy. From which nut to choose to which appliance to use, I'll guide you on the wonderful journey with a customized plan that leads to Destination New You!

Weight Loss & Maintenance Tips

Losing weight is great. Keeping it off is better!

Happiness Gained

Losing weight is great. Keeping it off is better--gaining happiness while you lose weight is best. Because weight is not the only thing we have to lose to gain healing, attention is given to the emotional component of weight loss by an experienced raw vegan coach who has taken the journey herself. 

Access To Monthly Workshop

Progress Over Perfection Is Our Livestream Food Preparation Workshop. Learn To Prepare Delicious And Original Recipes. Prepare Meals In The Comfort and Familiarity Of Your Kitchen. 

Sixty Minute Workshop

Food Prep Process and Assistance

How To Purchase Organic Foods On A Discount


How To Detox Your Pantry   

Workshops will take place via Private Facebook Steam and Zoom. Join us on the other side with your blender, food processor and wholesome ingredients. 

Workshop Requirements

Blender (Preferably "Vitamix" or "Blendtec" Brands)

Food Processor

Phone, Laptop or Computer To Stream Workshop

Wholesome Ingredients 

Workshops will take place via Private Facebook Stream and Zoom. 

Ingredients List Will Be Emailed.

Non-Member Price: Food Preparation Workshop $125 

 Community of Accountability 

InWard Beauty's Private Facebook Group is where Beauties can meet like-minded Beauties, ask questions, share their raw vegan creations, give and receive support and tips. This community will serve as your Accountability Partners while on your Journey to achieving your goal; You will also serve as an accountability partner to other Beauties as well. Remember, when you help someone remain motivated in their goals, you’re also helping yourself fulfilling a deeper calling.

Original Recipes

An Original Recipe Every Month. 

Non-Member Price:Original Raw Vegan Recipes $15

Exclusive Discounts

And as an added bonus, each month you'll receive coupon codes for 15% to 50% OFF InWard Beauty Products and Services. 

InWard Beauty offers One-on-One Coaching, Masterclasses, In-Person​​ Retreats, Books, Recipes, Pantry Detox and Meal Plans. 

Join Preparation Challenges for FREE

Will you last to the end? Put your prep skills and ability to show up to the motivational test! Receive a 2-week Raw Vegan menu and challenge yourself to prepare each recipe. Send a picture or video of your masterpiece all 14 days. This is about real accountability, so if you don’t post a video or picture, you will be eliminated from the Challenge. Who will make it to the end?

Non-Member Price: Preparation Challenge $60

FREE 10 Minute Consultation Each Month

One-on-One Call with Your Raw Vegan Coach, Towya Omar. Your Coach will comprehensively assess Where you are, Where you desire to be and The Steps to get you there. Each Month Receive a FREE 10 Minute Consultation Call for Support, Questions, Comments, Accountability and Advice.

Non-Member Price: 10 Minute Consultation $20

FREE 30 Minute Consultation Each Month

More TIme With Your Raw Vegan Coach!

Non-Member Price: 30 Minute Consultation $50

Exclusive Discount on Master Class

The Masterclass is Caring, Personal, Hands-On and Individual Attention Coaching.

Three Week Program


You Are Not Alone


Learn The Way


What Works For You?


Start Fresh




Get Help When Needed


Heal All Parts Of Us

 Coaching Unlocks Our Potential To Maximize Our Personal Performance. 

Non-Member Price: InWard Beauty Master Class $997

Buy One Get One FREE Tickets To In-Person Workshop (ATL, GA)

Each Quarter, InWard Beauty Host A Live In-Person Raw Vegan Workshop in Atlanta, Georgia. Every Three Months, Our Beautiful Coach and Our Beauties meet up with their Blenders, Food Processor, and Ingredients to have a great time Preparing and Eating Meals Together. This Event is Informative, Interactive, and Fun! For Every Ticket A VIP Beauty Buys, They’ll receive a FREE Ticket for a friend! Share your Raw Vegan Journey with a friend or family member, They will Thank you for it!