Progress Over Perfection

Perfect Instagram models, phone-filtered images; perfect Tiktok leggings legs and glutes, and Brazilian Butt Lifted butts--perfection, perfection, perfection is the fashionable obsession of the day.   

But as much as everybody loves the idea of the Perfect, the mythical beast does not exist. This is not hater talk. 'Don't come for me.' I'm all for playing up your best features. I'm even open to creating better features.

But is ever enough, enough?

Does all this fixation with perfection leads to a fairy tale healthy ending? Or does it lead to a sub-culture of extremely low self esteem because of the obsession with and comparison to already enhanced instagram models and unreal, cyber-generated images? The highlighters, foundations, ringlights, edited or retouched photos makes obsession with perfection worse.

When will we stop grasping at illusion, and just start reaching for our real

Perfection is not the goal. Progress is. You wouldn't believe how often I hear, "I plan to start after I quit my job." Or, "When my divorce is final." "When the children grow up." Or, "I'm going to start the first of the year/the month/the first day of my next incarnation"... and so on during my consulting sessions. The quest for "the perfect time" is as elusive as the quest for perfection. 

Listen. The perfect time will never come because it is already here. To keep waiting for it is to keep missing it. So, if there is anything about you, you don't like, begin the work to change it NOW. Believe it or not, you do have the power. So many times we put things off hoping for better days, better times..... We tell ourselves we can only do this or that if we were were married/divorced; in a relationship/single; richer or richer than that.

The truth is you are the everything you need. 

And the better times are here. Today is the day. So don't start later. Start now.

"Just do it." If you don't like the way I said it (or if you are a "brand whore"), maybe you’ll like the way Nike puts it:  "Just do it."  And just do it today. Not Monday, not next week, not next month, not after vacation, not after a holiday--start now.


Glad you asked. You'll start by making small changes; so small you won't even notice a difference because--in the sublime Arithmetic of Inward Beauty--you'll be adding not subtracting."

        --Towya Roberts Omar "PROGRESS OVER PERFECTION eWorkbook".

Schedule a consult and start your "today.